System Requirements

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The keys to accessing your information
Below we have provided a summary of the minimum system requirements you will need to access your on-line information. If you need to update your browser, we have provided convenient links to download this information.

Important: For security reasons, if you leave this portal inactive or visit another web site for a period of time, you will receive a warning and then be automatically logged off. At that time, any information entered into this system but not yet "saved" will not be retained, and your information will remain unchanged.

Browser Versions
The recommended browser versions for this portal are:

  • Microsoft Edge 15+
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11+

    Please note: Compatibility mode is not supported. When using Internet Explorer, you must hit the Alt-T key to go to the Tools menu and uncheck the option "Display all websites in compatibility mode"

  • Safari 9.x+ on Mac
  • Chrome 53+
  • Firefox 50+

Mobile Operating Systems

The recommended mobile operating systems for this Website are:

  • iOS 9.3+
  • Android 6.0.1+

Browser Security
To protect your confidentiality, this Web site uses 128-bit Strong Encryption (TLS 1.2). Note, if prompted, you must opt for the security feature at the time you download and install your browser.

The following links take you to the download sites. Remember to select "128-bit Strong Encryption (SSL 3.0)" if prompted.

For additional protection, none of the screens displaying information is cached by the browser. This insures that the "Back" button cannot be used to view previously-displayed pages. To navigate through the portal, please use the buttons, links and menus supplied directly on the screens.

Pop-up Blockers
Pop-up blockers prevent pop-up windows from opening. This protects you from unwanted advertising solicitations.

If your pop-up blocker security settings are set to "on" some content may also be inadvertently blocked.